2023 Riding Season

We're getting ready to ride - come ride with us! Registration opens March 1.

We've all been dealing with a lot of uncertainty this last couple of years, but here's what you can always count on from us:
  • A supportive, encouraging atmosphere
  • No drama
  • No pressure
  • Rides for every level - whether you're looking to push yourself to a whole new level or just want a chill ride where you can laugh and make new friends - or catch up with some old ones
  • Our strict no-drop policy
  • Adherance to public health guidelines and recommendations, including social distancing - and bonus - not only is it a great outdoor activity, but cycling is a naturally socially distant sport

Biking is a great way to get in shape and you don't have to be in perfect shape to get started! That's why we always have multiple ride levels, so there's something for the ladies who've kicked their fitness into high gear and also for the ladies who are very happy that spandex stretches just as far as it does. With us you'll never need to worry about falling behind - not only do we have a firm no-drop policy, but we believe bikes are a great way to get out and get in shape, no matter what shape you're currently in.

Who We Are

Sunflowers love the rooty downhills The Bikefit Sunflowers are a group of women from all over Niagara who love to ride bikes. From fun and social to fast and challenging, we have rides for everyone. Whether you're still figuring out your gears or working on your racing starts, there's a ride for you. We've been riding on Niagara's gorgeous trails and roads for more than 15 years and we'd love to share them with you.

We ride at least three times a week from May to September and have up to four different ride levels. All rides are led by an experienced rider and we have a no-drop policy at all times - so you never need to worry about getting lost or left behind. We pride ourselves on our supportive, encouraging atmosphere. We love to challenge each other to grow as riders and to reach our individual goals, but mainly we just love to ride!

Trail Rides

Sunflower Robin finishing the Giant Lake to Lake 2011We have two ride levels: Recreational and Sport. The Recreational Rider is new to the sport and may be looking to build her skills and gain confidence on her bike, or she may be a rider with more experience who is content with a fun, leisurely ride - shorter and slower paced, with frequent stops. The Sport Rider is experienced and able to ride for a longer time, at a faster pace. She may be training for races or simply out for fitness and fun, fast rides. The levels are flexible so that if a lot of riders are out or individual riders are training for specific events, the groups can divide further to meet everyone's needs. As well, once the season gets underway, the Recreational and Sport Groups generally split into two groups each: Rec One for those who are still a little unsure or are more comfortable going at a slow pace; Rec Two for those who are gaining confidence and skill, but aren't quite ready for Sport; Sport One for riders who are getting comfortable on more challenging trails but still want to regroup frequently; and Sport Two for those who are ready to hit the trails and hit them hard.

Rides are Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Each month the start location changes to give us a chance to explore and practice various trails over the course of the season.

Plus, the Seeds program for girls ages 11-14 takes place every Tuesday evening and focuses on learning mountain biking skills in a non-competitive, encouraging environment.

Road Rides

Sunflowers Fiona and Sue at the 2013 Big Move Cancer RideOn Monday evenings we hit the road with our Group Road Rides. Road riding is a fantastic way to build endurance and to prepare for longer charitable rides, like the Big Move Cancer Ride. We usually have two riding levels for road rides: Rec and Sport. The Rec Road Ride is a casual, beginner-friendly ride. Mountain bikes and hybrid bikes are welcome on the Rec Road Ride as well. The Sport Road Ride is an intermediate-fast level ride - a little faster and longer than the Rec Road Ride, but still with a no-drop policy. If numbers warrant it, we will split into a third mid-paced group.

Give it a Try!

Sunflower SeedsSo why should you ride with us? Our philosophy is simple: encourage women and girls of all ages and riding abilities to get on their bikes and discover what a thrill mountain biking can be. So what you'll find with us is encouragement, support and camaraderie. You'll find a network of women to ride with. You'll find fun, fitness and friendship. Zero intimidation. Zero pressure. Still not sure? You're welcome to come out and try a ride with us before joining - meet the ride leaders and other members and see whether it's for you.

Member of the International Mountain Biking Association Canada

International Mountain Biking Association Canada